Chang Meng (Joanne) is a multidisciplinary artist, adeptly navigating the expansive domains of visual art, sound, moving images, and multi-materials combined installation. With a background in classical music and further expanded fine art and experience design research direction in the Royal College of Art, Chang Meng's work blurs the lines between disciplines and builds bridges between visual and sound communication, resulting in engaging and resonating with individuals on both emotional and intellectual planes.

Recognizing the inherent contrast between abstract conceptual themes and their connection to everyday experiences, Chang Meng passionately strives to captivate and immerse viewers within the intricate narratives of her art. By forging dynamic collaborations with scientists, programmers, musicians, and fellow artists, she artfully combines their collective genius, embarking on bold explorations of new artistic frontiers.

Her artistic focus primarily revolves around topics such as Soundscape, Nature, Anthropocentrism, Spatiotemporality, and Shared Perception. She explores these themes through the innovative utilization of algorithms, AI, and programming, enabling her to delve deeper into the realms of art and provoke new perspectives.

  • Year 2023 / Group Exhibition / GraphicsRCA50+ / Dubai Design Week / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
  • Year 2023 / Group Exhibition / On Purple / London Design Festival / London / United Kingdom
  • Year 2023 / Group Exhibition / Beyond a Priori / Season Gallery / London / United Kingdom
  • Year 2023 / Other / Counterpoint Performance / Ikelectik / London / United Kingdom
  • Year 2023 / Other / <Echoes of the Abyss> / Canal Dream Art Festival / London / United Kingdom

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