Decoder , 2023
AIGC Visual & Sound, Approx 10:00

Visual: Chang Meng
Sound:Bryan Yueshen Wu 

Murmuration, IKLECTIK Art Lab, London

Decoder is an AI-assisted audio-visual composition investigating the nuances of information exchange in intimate relationships. 

In intimate dynamics, information flow normally evolves with the intimacy’s depth, like a fluctuating current. Habituation theory suggests that with time, partners may grow accustomed to each other to the extent of overlooking emotional needs, a phenomenon resulting from sensory adaptation. This gradual shift contrasts considerably with the initial stages of a relationship, where every exchange is imbued with heightened significance.

We seek to illuminate the interplay between human emotion and AI interpretation, posing questions about the nature of intimacy and understanding in the digital age. The project aspires to be a mirror, reflecting the intricate dance of connection and misconnection that characterises human relationships, amplified and refracted through the lens of AI.

© Chang Meng