Epoch - Soundscape Fossil, 2023

Porcelain, Moving image,
Interactive mono sound 

Beyond a Priori, Season Gallery, London
London Design Festival

Award 360 2023, Best Design of Experiments
AD recognises Dubai Design Week 2023 as the best insllations and exhibitions to see

"Epoch" is an interplay of scientific data, artistic expression, and interactive technology, Epoch-Soundscape Fossil is a multi-sensory, immersive exploration of the ecological consequences of climate change on coral reefs. It invites viewers to reflect upon the ephemeral nature and the disconcerting loss of biodiversity that coral reefs have come to symbolize. Drawing on the scientific community’s use of sounds that emanate from soundscapes, the project utilizes audio records of a thriving coral reef collected by marine biologists off the coast of Indonesia and translates this acoustic data into 3D-printed ceramic sculptures.

The artist approaches printing as a process of gradual layering akin to the formation of fossils over time. Each layer of a sculpture undergoes pre-determined data translation and is accompanied by manual adjustments, adding a sense of tension, vitality, and distinctiveness to the final creation. Each sculpture is accompanied by a distinctive audio, encouraging viewers to perceive the evolving soundscape of coral reefs andthe diminishing vitality of life through various senses.

Scientific support: Dr. Ben Williams, Dr. Timothy Lamont
Programming support: Yiyao Wei

© Chang Meng