Beyond the Breathe, 2023

Dance Theatre, HD Live Generative Image, Stereo Sound, Projection, Approx 8:00

Enduring the weight of human conflict, A desire to immerse one’s body in endless depths. Holding one’s breath, embodying an eternal desire to be submerged, delving into the water with deep breath.

Creative Director / Choreographer : Donna Kim
Performer : Donna Kim, Harry Symington, Jacob Zang, Simone Martis
Visual Director : Seong Kim
Art Director : Chang Meng
Sound Design & Composition:Zhao Jiajing
Light Design: Chang Meng, Ke Peng
Projection Mapping : Chang Meng, Ke Peng
Documentation : Harry Ma
Glass maker : Zidi Gong
Costume Design : Yuxuan Feng
Costume Assistant : Yixuan Qiu
Hair & Make up : Dongha Kim
Stage Assistant : Kaixin Yuan
Photography : Amber Derrick
Film : Sunghoon Song

Special thanks to Peter Brooks,
Athina Vahla, CSM Performance Technical Team

© Chang Meng