Echoes of the Abyss, 2023
HD Live Generative Image, Stereo Sound, Projection, Laser, Synthesisers, Approx 10:00

Visual: Chang Meng, Yiru Yan
Sound: Bryan Yueshen Wu, Shangyang Yu
Project supported by: AiDLab, Murmur ensemble
Special thanks: Dr. Matt Lewis

Echoes of the Abyss is an interdisciplinary audio-visual performance that immerses the audience in the enchanting underwater soundscape, using an open-source audio live stream captured by hydrophones at a deep-sea cabled observatory. Through the transformative power of artificial intelligence, the project reveals the hidden sounds and unseen images from the ocean depths, inviting the audience to perceive the world through the lens of sound. By blending improvisational techniques in music, coding, and visual art, we hope to transcend performance boundaries. The project aims to cultivate appreciation for the intricate sonic landscapes of the oceans and raise awareness about the need to protect aquatic life from noise pollution and other human-induced threats. Through reflection and advocacy, Echoes of the Abyss seeks to inspire responsible stewardship and preservation of our fragile underwater ecosystems.

© Chang Meng